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PD Dr. rer. nat. Gregor Hardieß

                                                      Curriculum Vitae

My Teaching Activities:

« Supervision of students at the Lab of Cognitive Neuroscience (University of Tübingen):
   - 5   PhD theses (two still in progress)
   - 14 Diploma theses
   - 4   Master theses
   - 17 Bachelor theses
   - 3   Exam theses (accreditation work for
   - 5   other theses (lab rotation, project study, student reseach project)

          >> a complete list of all finished theses can be found here

Practical Course: Visual Cognition (Bachelor & Master; every 2nd winter term)
« Practical Course: Spatial Cognition (Bachelor & Master; every 2nd winter term)
« Practical Course: Animal Physiology; my part - the ERG of he fly (Bachelor; every summer term)
« Practical Course: Großpraktikum (Master Neurobiology; every summer term)

« Seminar: Sprachliches- und nichtsprachliches Denken (summer term 2011; together with F. Hamm)
« Seminar: Raum- und Zeitkognition (summer term 2012; together with R. Ulrich)
« Seminar: Raum- und Zeitkognition (summer term 2013; together with R. Ulrich)
« Seminar: Kognition bei Tieren und Menschen (summer term 2014; together with R. Ulrich)
« Seminar: Der Informationsbegriff (summer term 2016 & Sommerakademie Ftan 2016)

« InstitutsSeminar: Seminar of the Department of Neurobiology (every summer & winter term)

« Mentoring Programme: for Bachelor students 1st and 2nd semester (winter term 2012)
   PD Dr. Gregor Hardiess - Cognitive Neuroscience - Tübingen University