Examining neurological patients with brain injury is one of the standard methods used in cognitive neuroscience to understand the relationship between anatomy and behaviour.  The workshop aims to provide participants with the technique of modern lesion delineation and statistical analysis in neurological patients with brain injury.

On the first day, the workshop will give a theoretical as well as a hands-on practical introduction to modern lesion analysis techniques using statistical approaches that provide a precise and valid localization of ‘critical’ brain areas in humans.

On the second day, we will introduce the use of a new (semi-)automated lesion delineation technique, demonstrate a new tool to perform statistical lesion analyses, as well as provide an introduction to Matlab scripting. Moreover, we will address the statistical procedures to analyse single stroke patients..


Tübingen is a quintessential German university town situated some 25 miles southwest of Stuttgart on a ridge between the Neckar and Ammer rivers in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The city has a population of roughly 90,000, of whom some 24,000 are students attending the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen which is one of the oldest universities in Germany.

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