What can we learn today from Einstein's interface of physics and philosophy?

7th Tuebingen Summer School in the History and Philosophy of Science - 2018


Five lectures by Thomas Ryckman, Stanford University

With a keynote lecture by Jeroen Van Dongen, University of Amsterdam


Tuebingen, August 6st   - August 10th, 2018

Call for Applications

Application deadline: June 15th, 2018




We kindly invite graduate students and junior scientists of philosophy, physics and mathematics, to apply for the 5th Forum Scientiarum's International Interdisciplinary Summer School in the History and Philosophy of Science


The Summer School takes place in Tuebingen (Germany), a classical university town with a charming old town center, from Monday, August 6st to Friday, August 10th, 2018.



In the course of these lectures, we shall examine how Einstein, exploiting a methodology of adopting various principles (physical, formal, metaphysical) as postulates to further physical theory, became the first theorist to recognize the limitations of classical theory, produced both theories of relativity in addition to relativistic cosmology, and was led to an incisive, though ultimately failed, critique of quantum mechanics. In conclusion, we contrast the Einstein 'style' of physical theory and explanation with several widely adopted contemporary alternatives.


The Lecturer


Thomas Ryckman is Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University. He is the author of The Reign of Relativity: Philosophy in Physics 1915-1925 (2005) and of the recent Einstein (2017) for the series The Routledge Philosophers


The Keynote Speaker


Jerone Van Dongen is Professor of History of Science, with a special focus on Physics, at the University of Amsterdam. He authored the book Einstein's Unification (2010)




To apply for the international summer school, participants need to submit an online application form. Deadline for the complete applications is June 15th, 2018. A letter of admission will reach successful applicants via email by June 20th, 2018.


There is no program fee. The Forum Scientiarum may provide participants with limited grants for covering part of their travel expenses and will assist participants finding inexpensive accommodation.


For further information please contact:

Marco Giovanelli



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