I wish to give here, some directions as to the purpose and construction of this site.

For starters, this site is in it's early stages of construction and shall be improved in due course.
Secondly, it is a site to express my views, ideas and convictions. If you disagree with something you are free to drop me an email to the university account - there will be no adress stated explicitely on this page as the derivation is a trivial one, unlike the protection from spam.

As to the structure of the page:

Physics - will provide (hopefully) tasks of my own creation, ideas for peculiar topics, a list of Literature which one might think helpful in his studies of such fascinating a subject. Furthermore and most important (IMO), I shall make an effort to provide (good) solutions to the tasks which I(we) receive in due course of the semester.

"You do not sit down, look long enough at the theory and - bam - the solution comes to you! You sit down, calculate, check and calculate again! That is how learning works" This is what Prof. E. Trubowitz of the ETH Zurich basically told the students in a lecture on Methods of mathematical Physics in fall '10.
This is a view of things I wholeheartedly agree with and seeing that the mentality here in Tuebingen rather impedes, than assists students which wish to work/learn I dedicate my efforts to reduce this ridiculous situation in any way I can.

Math - this section shall provide more of explanations and maybe some (beutiful) examples which should be favourable for the study of mathematics for physicists. Again I venture to provide a list of literature for the interested as well as some tasks and solutions.

Note: I do not claim to be good in math - quite the contrary! For if I were good at math and able to plan well, then I would have never ended up here. But I venture to say, that some things I put here might be helpful - be it just as counter-examples.

CS - being one who’s quite at home with computers and computer science (CS) I again venture to provide some things I think might be of interest to those looking to combine their subject with this medium. Again I am going to provide a list of books I found useful for my studies of Informatics (for physicists - mainly C++ and theory) and of Numerical Methods. Furthermore, being a fan of Mathematica I might provide some tasks and examples of it’s numerical and theoretical use.

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