The most important point is the information gathering ability. Thus I present a list of works which might be helpful for the interested.


  1. Analysis 1
    • Mathematical Analysis, Vladimir Zorich, Springer
    • Analysis 1, Christian Blatter (
    • Analysis, Otto Forster, Teubner Studienskripten
    • Übungsbuch zur Analysis
    • Schaum's Outlines of Calculus
    • Ordinary Differential Equations, Vladimir I. Arnold, Springer
  2. Analysis 2 (Multidimensional differentiation & integration, topological spaces etc.)
    • Mathematical Analysis, Vladimir Zorich, Springer (capter 8)
    • Analysis 2, Vladimir Zorich, Springer
    • Analysis 2, Christian Blatter (
    • Übungsbuch zur Analysis 2, Teubner Studienskripten
    • Vektoranalysis, Klaus Jänich, Springer
    • Mass und Integral [for those who want to kill themselves
  3. Theory of functions/complex analysis
    • Funktionentheorie, Klaus Jänich, Springer
    • Funktionentheorie in der Ebene und im Raum
    • An Introduction to the calculus of functions of one complex variable, Ahlfors, Cambridge University Press
    • Complexe Analysis, D.Salmon
  4. Linear Algebra
    • Linear Algebra – An Introduction, R. Bronson, G.B. Costa, Academic Press
    • Lineare Algebra, Klaus Jänich, Springer
    • Lineare Algebra, Fischer, Teubner Studienskripten
    • Übungsbuch zur Linearen Algebra, Teubner Studienskripten
    • Schaums Outlines of Linear Algebra


From my very own experience I can recommend the scriptums of Christian Blatter as being quite fitting to physicists, without missing much on the finer aspects of mathematics. For those who like to take a look at more formal and less practical derivations (more theory) the Analysis 1 & 2 books by Zorich are recommended.

Especially for mathematics holds: The more you calculate the better you get!!!

(trust me, I know from my errors that this is true)

So get yourselves a book with tasks, as not nearly enough are provided in the lecture, and set off to calculate!

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