Fachbereich Geowissenschaften

Sigwartstr. 10
72 076 Tübingen, Germany
 07071 29 74696

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Wintershall Holdging GmbH
Friedrich Ebert Strasse 160
34 119 Kassel, Germany



Since 1999 I am teaching at the University of Tübingen Geology. In 2005 I received the habilitation degree. Since 2016 I am appointed as extraordinary Professor in the sedimentary geology workgroup. In my research I am developing and applying methodologies to describe the spatial distribution and physical properties of sedimentary bodies in relationship to the underlying transport processes and stratigrapy using modeling and geophysical methods. My activities includes the supervision of Master students and PhD students as well as co-chairing exams. Since 2014 I am member of the German National Science Foundation`s senate commission on future directions in geoscience. I am also active member on the board of the German Society of Geology (DGGV), member of the Fachkollegium Physik der Erde and member on the bord of the Dachverband Geowissenschaften.