palaeoenvironmental research

You are interested in prehistoric economy and environment of ancient populations? Have a look at our homepage! You will find several archaeological sites providing information on prehistoric plant production and environment based on archaeobotanical data.

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reconstruction of Troy's upper cityEnvironment and Economy in the Bronze Age Troad: The Archaeobotany of Kumtepe and Troy
upper city of ZeraqonHirbet ez-Zeraqon - An Early Bronze Age settlement in Jordan
goat/sheep pelletsAnimal husbandry and ecology at Tell el‘Abd/Syria
EmarPlant production near the Bronze Age Euphrates: Emar (Syria)
Tell MozanMiddle Bronze Age economy and ecology at Tell Mozan/northern Syria
Panicum miliaceumArchaeobotanical remains from Lithuania

This page will be updated at regular intervals. Online manuscripts of the results will be added.
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