First TecTask Field Workshop on Structural Analysis

Cap de Creus, Catalonia, Spain
14-19 September, 2006
picture of coast

The First TecTask-sponsored field workshop in structural analysis was held in Cap de Creus (Catalonia, far NE Spain) in 2006, organised and led by:
Below you find a small collection of pictures from the workshop.
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Some structures
Shear zones
Measuring things

This workshop was an initiative of the IUGS TecTask Taskforce on Structural Geology and Tectonics. TecTask provided a travel grant to Agustin Cardona to travel to Spain from Colombia. Please go to the TecTask homepage for more information on TecTask and its activities.

The workshop was attended by (from left to right) Lídia Ferran, Agustin Cardona, Elena Druguet, Ian Alsop, Miguel Gutiérrez Medina, George Georgiadis, Jordi Carreras, Enrique Gomez-Rivas, Sudipta Sengupta, Iván Martín Rojas, Bregje Hulscher, Vasilios Chatzaras, Paul Bons and Albert Griera (and Montserrat Liesa not on picture):

group foto

Some comments:

"I would like to say again that for me, it was a completly successful field trip and for this I want to give my congratulations to the workshop instructors and also to all the participants, we have had a relaxed and pleasant environment with all the people. I wish that the next workshop will be at least so good like this."

"Cape de Creus is certainly an amazing place to go in any direction from concepts and models towards real structures, and deserve the effort of Geoconservation. Logistic was excellent, and exchange with people from different schools and scales ofanalisis was fantastic."

"It was such a great opportunity to see one of the world's best area for structural geology."

Some of the structures in the high-grade rocks that experienced several deformation phases during the Variscan Orogeny
single quratz rod
quartz rods
boudin blocks
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Shear zones made Cap de Creus world famous for geologists

shear zone
sheath folds
El Chino
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Hands-on exercises were part of the workshop
fold strain analysis
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There were plenty of animated discussions on the structures and their interpretation
shear zone
el chino
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A small mapping project was also part of the workshop
greek area
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Cap de Creus is a natural park with great landscapes, diverse biology and a great geological heritage
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Lunches: from sheltering from the rain to seeking a cool, shady spot
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The organisers
Jordi Elena staff
Jordi Carreras Elena Druguet Ian Alsop, Paul Bons, Sudipta Sengupta & Albert Griera

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machia Pictures by Paul Bons, Jordi Carreras & Miguel Gutierrez

Interested in this or possible future workshops? Want to organise a field trip to Cap de Creus yourself? Please have a look at the MIET website where you can download material, or contact:
We thank TecTask for providing a travel grant for this workshop. Special thanks also to Lina M. Castaño and Enrique Gomez-Rivas for their great help in editing the field guide. The staff of the Parc Natural de Cap de Creus kindly allowed full access to the area of great natural beauty and geological heritage.

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