Introduction to General Linguistics, Winter term 2008/09


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Hubert Truckenbrodt

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Introduction to General Linguistics

Wolfgang Sternefeld (Semantics)

Office hours: Thursday 14-15.00
Office: Wilhelmstr. 19, Room 1.15


Sam Featherston (Syntax, Phonology)

Office hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10.00-10.15
Office: Nauklerstraße 35, 2.09



Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 8-10, in the Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, Wilhelmsstraße 19, Room 0.02.
This is the official timing, but remember that university class times are cum tempore, which means that all classes start at 15 minutes past the hour; in this case 8.15. In practice, this time is not realistic and we will probably agree to start only at 8.30, but it would be nice if people could have arrived at this time and not 15 minutes later.


This course is an introduction to three core areas of theoretical linguistics:

    the structure of phrases and sentences - syntax (with a bit of morphology)
    the meaning of linguistic expressions - semantics (with a bit of pragmatics) and
    the sound systems of language - phonology (with a bit of phonetics).

The material will largely revolve around the analysis of German and English, with occasional glances at other languages. The class introduces basic notions in linguistics, central aspects of the analysis of German and English, and seeks to convey an understanding of the approach of generative linguistics to natural language.



Weekly exercises or reading, and an exam at the end of each sub-part.


These web pages and the course materials available within them were developed by Hubert Truckenbrodt for the course Introduction to General Linguistics in the winter term 2003/04. He has kindly made them available for further use within the Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, Tübingen University.